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NutriPlus - Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

From restaurants to homes, from bakeries to hawker stalls, consumers recognise the NutriPlus brand for confidence and trust, and are assured of the consistent high standards of quality, taste and consistency which go into our NutriPlus eggs.

Our range of products have been developed with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle for all. We are continuously expanding our product range to cater to customers' needs. Amongst the most promising new products is the new Liquid Egg, an easy-to-use all-natural product mainly for industrial application, such as for usage in bakeries and confectionaries.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are testament to our technical expertise and proficiency in manufacturing processing. On the merchandising front, we have also established strong partnerships with both local and multinational distributors, providing attractive, high-traffic, high visibility in-store locations for product display and branding.